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Today’s advertisers are experiencing a converged TV era and need an alternative approach to measurement – one that provides an independent, consistent, unified view of the fragmented marketplace. InnovidXP answers that call, delivering powerful cross-platform analytics to evaluate media and creative performance and inform strategic decisions to reach and engage audiences across screens.

We are uniting delivery, creative and measurement in one place, creating the only scalable, end-to-end solution to automatically count and attribute converged TV campaigns worldwide.


Create a single source for ad delivery, creative personalization and measurement

Ensure every ad is consistently measured across TV platforms, including walled gardens, and get a complete view of who was reached, where, at what frequency, and with what creative message.


Lead with always-on, cross-platform TV ad intelligence

With a full breadth of cross-platform analytics, including a broad set of KPIs, maximize audience reach and incrementality, evaluate and optimize media and creative performance, and drive greater ROAS across all forms of TV.


Simplify TV measurement with automation at scale

Driven by over one billion video impressions processed daily and powered by currency-grade impression data, InnovidXP surfaces audience measurement and outcomes at scale, automatically and tag free.

TV Measurement for All

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The Measurement Super Power

Innovid’s Jo Kinsella joins LUMA’s Terry Kawaja to discuss how enterprise-grade measurement, combined with the massive scale of our ad serving footprint, is creating a “super power,” providing advertisers with the most comprehensive view of cross-platform audiences and advertising available today.

Linear + CTV: Better Measured Together

Designed to meet the current and future needs of advertisers in a converged TV environment, InnovidXP includes:

Unified view of converged TV campaigns, providing consistent, independent analysis of linear and CTV, including audience reach and performance outcomes

Fast, secure, tag-free, automated process for onboarding brands at scale, powered by the largest independent global CTV ad server

Suite of reach extension analysis, from incremental reach between linear and CTV, to publisher-by-publisher and granular programmatic insights

Cross-platform analytics to continuously inform audience intelligence, and media and creative optimizations

Local, national and global scale, with coverage across all 210 DMAs, and the continued expansion of household- and person-level data

Unbiased, census-level measurement powered by independent ad impression delivery across more than 95 million U.S. CTV homes

Let’s reimagine TV measurement together!

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